3 Ways to Get Along with Your Hair on Vacation

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Hair Cut

Get a good haircut before you leave.

It’s easy to think you want to do something special with your hair when travelling on vacation, but save yourself the time and headache.

When you reach your destination, chances are the humidity or lack thereof, will wreak havoc on your do. Instead of trying something new, learn to roll with what you’ve got. For instance, if you have wavy hair, don’t take the time to straighten it, and for those who have stick-straight hair, don’t try to curl it.

In most cases, by the time you arrive at your destination, your hair will revert to a version of its former self; especially if you’ve slept on the plane or in the car.


Think of a hat as sunscreen for your hair.

3 Ways to Get Along with Your Hair on Vacation

So what’s a girl to do? This may sound corny, but when it comes to your hair, learn to love the hair you have.

It’s amazing how people with thick hair wish they had thin hair, and those with curly hair want straight hair, and on and on it goes. When you’re going on vacation, don’t fight your hair, learn to love it.

Get a good haircut: The first way to get along with your hair on vacation is to get a good haircut before you leave. What that is exactly will depend on your hair.

For fine hair, a one-length look will help your hair look thicker and hold its style. A good haircut is easier to maintain without spending a lot of time fussing with your hair.

If you are unsure of what to do, talk with your stylist for haircut ideas.

Pack a hat: You wouldn’t think of going out in the sun without your sunscreen. Do the same favor for your hair.

Sunhats for women come in so many styles you may want to pack more than one. Wear a sunhat during the hottest time of the day to protect your hair from the sun. A wide brim sunhat also offers extra protection to your face, neck and shoulders.

The ponytail is your friend: While you may not want to ruin your hairdo by pulling it up into a ponytail, bring a few ponytail holders along with you in case you need them. If you happen to get hot and sweaty, a ponytail looks a lot better than a bedraggled and disheveled coiffure.

Plus, wearing your hair in a ponytail is actually good for you hair. It can help keep hair follicle from clogging scalp pores.

Enjoy Your Time Away

If you’re on holiday, don’t worry about your hair, too much. For the most part, the people you meet will be thinking far less about your hair than you do. Holidays are a time to relax, for you and your hair.

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  1. Julie C. says:

    So true! Don’t bother with products and straight irons if your destination (and your hair) is prone to humidity! I’ve spent precious minutes wasted trying to style my hair in a cool hotel room only to walk out into the humid air and have everything unravel. Better to have used a curl enhancer gel and let nature take its course! A pony is the perfect style for hot weather, and you can twist it into a bun for evening.

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