3 Ways to Travel by Plane Without the Germs

February 17, 2013 by

Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Use a sanitizing wipe to clean your tray and armrests.

Your plane takes off and you ease your seat back to relax when you hear someone coughing. You know the recycled air will carry those germs to you throughout the flight and can only hope you don’t get sick for your vacation or business trip.

While there isn’t much you can do to eliminate air born germs, you can prepare yourself to avoid contact with surface germs and bacteria. 


Bring your own small blanket and travel pillow.

How to Travel by Plane and Eliminate Germs

These 3 tips for flying on a plane can help you eliminate the germs found on various surfaces that can make you sick: 

Skip the blanket: If you like to pass your time flying by taking a snooze, forego the use of one of the airline-provided blankets unless they are taken from a sealed bag. Otherwise, you risk cuddling up with the germs left behind from the person who used the blanket before you.

It’s a disgusting thought really. Who would climb into a hotel bed with unwashed sheets! Instead, plan to bring your own personal travel pillow and a small throw and you’ll eliminate the risk.

Airplane Tray

Sanitize your travel tray before you use it.

Bring sanitizing wipes: Bring a pack of sanitizing wipes to swipe the armrests, and travel trays. Almost everyone who flies touches these items and they aren’t cleaned regularly between flights in the U.S. 

The bathrooms on planes are cleaned between flights, but the handle to the bathroom door may be another matter. Carry one of those sanitizing wipes with you to the bathroom and use it to clean the door handle to eliminate germs. 

Wash your hands: The best way to combat germs on the plane or anywhere is to wash your hands with soap. Once you land, make washing your hands a first priority. 

Taking these few precautionary measures can make the difference of staying healthy so you can enjoy your trip.

Photo credits:, Seth Mazow, shatterkiss

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    I don’t like putting my head back on the headrest that other people have been using and I know it’s not properly cleaned. I try to wear a hoodie when flying. And I’m THIS close to wearing one of those paper masks during flight.


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