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Help Remedies

For those on the go, things like headaches, nausea, allergies and fatigue are just a regular part of the globetrotting lifestyle. Pumping ourselves full of chemicals, though, can get a bit worrisome over time, particularly when we have questions about what in the world we’re ingesting.

Enter Richard Fine, CEO of startup and veritable overnight sensation Help® with its single-ingredient line of travel-friendly meds.  And in a refreshing turn, rather than making grandiose promises and overstuffing each little pill with multi-syllabic chemicals we can’t even pronounce, the brand promises simplicity instead.

“Everybody in the drug aisle likes to talk about more, bigger, extra, super, and maximum,” Fine explains. “But we’re not going to talk about more, bigger, super, or maximum. We think people get enough drugs, dyes, and nonsense from other kinds of drug companies. Help® is a new type of drug company—a drug company that promises you less.”

As such, the single-ingredient over-the-counter solutions are also made with as few dyes and coatings as possible, and sold without a lot of hardware around them.

Help Remedies

With simple, attractive, almost cosmetic-level packaging, the Help line is as straightforward in its branding as it is in its manufacturing.  Wrapped in slimline boxes emblazoned with phrases like “Help, I’m tired,” “Help, I have a headache,” and “Help, I have a stuffy nose,” these no-BS quick fixes pop perfectly into the external pocket of any carry-on for easy access anywhere.

The series runs $4 for each 8- to 16-dose packet and is available online and in most drugstores.

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  1. Penny W. says:

    Cute and simple. And probably, easily refillable once you are done the initial supply.

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