About 2,000 Hotels Have Tracking Chips in Linens

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You might want to think twice before you bring home a towel or robe as a souvenir from your stay at a high-end hotel. About 2,000 hotels have now started using tracking chips on their linens and robes to help cut down on theft, and its working

Hotels Lose About 20 Percent of Linens Each Month

Hotels lose about 20 percent of their linens every month. That’s a lot of money walking out the door.

Now with the new tracking devices, they can tell when and where the items are being stolen. Use of the new tracking technology in one hotel has cut losses from 30 percent to just three percent.

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Linentracker Chips Sewn Into Towels

These electronic tracking devices known as Linentracker ships are sewn into towels, sheets, and robes and are hardly perceptible unless you are looking for them.

The company behind this latest tool for reducing theft, Linen Tracking Technology, won’t reveal which hotels are their clients, though they have said about 2,000 hotels so far are using the devices in their towels.

“Our properties like to remain anonymous. They benefit from the gained efficiency and don’t want to alarm guests that they have this technology.” – William Serbin, executive vice president Linen Tracking Technology via the Daily Mail

The Linentracker chip is about the size of an M & M candy and can be attached to towels, lines, or robes and can last through as many as 300 wash cycles.

It was originally designed to help hotels track their linens when they were shipped offsite to be laundered. This is where the majority of theft or misplacement happens and can account for as much as 10 to 20 percent of the loss.

Two percent of linen loss can be directly attributed to guests taking them.

When a micro-chipped towel passes through the hotel’s entrance or exit, the hotel is alerted that a towel has left the premises. Along with tracking where the linens are, additional data assists properties to become more efficient.

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