Air Mail Earrings from RareIndeed

February 5, 2013 by

From window seats to funky retro luggage, we love all things travel. And since we can’t always be on the road, we love finding pieces for our homes, and wardrobes, to keep the wanderlust alive. Which is why we love these darling studs shaped like air mail envelopes from Etsy seller rareindeed.

The earrings remind us first of those handwritten letters from our high school French pen pal, and then of the letters we would come to write ourselves as we backpacked around Europe that summer. Either way, the feeling we get when we see these studs is pure nostalgic glee.

Each set is made from durable matte shrink plastic and each image is hand drawn, making each pair unique. A matte varnish covers the image, but buyers beware that it doesn’t make the earrings waterproof. (Best to take them off if you’re planning to jump into the hotel pool or bathe under that waterfall.)

Each set of air mail earrings retails for $8, with $3.50 shipping. The seller can even accommodate different colors, just ask.

photo credit: rareindeed, Etsy

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