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App Helps You Find the Best Coffee in Town

February 28, 2013 by

Coffee can be a big part of travel. Beyond giving you the energy to explore a new city, blends, roasts and preparations vary depending upon where you are. Plus, seeking out specialty shops gives you the added benefit of getting off the major tourist trails to sip a cup alongside locals.

A new line of apps is helping travelers find the best coffee shops around the globe. “Best Coffee” provides guides to several major cities, highlighting only the best independent stalls and cafes brewing locally roasted artisan coffees.

The apps currently cover New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London, and include famous spots like Intelligentsa and Stumptown alongside lesser known locales.

There’s even detailed information about the types of bean and machines used at each location, a geolocation map to help you find the best cups near you and a list of editor’s picks for each city.

While you must have Internet connection the first time you use the app, afterwards its optimized for offline usage.

The app also includes brew methods, photos of each shop, and store hours.

And for the non-coffee drinkers, the company is also working on expanding its line of craft beer apps, guiding visitors to the best pubs, breweries and shops in London and New York.

The apps cost $.99 each and are available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

photo credit: Blue Crow Media

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