Beach Bag Essentials

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Whether a day trip or a week long beach stay, I always pack these beach bag essentials when traveling to the the surf and sand.

1. Coola SPF Tinted Face Cream: Made with organic ingredients, this face tint is perfect for getting that soft beach glow while protecting your skin. It also helps retain moisture and improve your skins elasticity, keeping you looking fresh. $36. Purchase here.

2. Coppertone Pro Series 30 SPF Spray Sunscreen: I love this stuff. It sprays from any angle, it’s not too sticky, it stays on and protects me, and it smells good. $8.49. Purchase here.

3. Zinka Lip Balm with SPF 30: Protect those kissers. This chap stick goes on smooth, doesn’t melt in the hot heat, and comes in yummy flavors like coconut, passion fruit and watermelon. It can’t be beat. $2.99. Purchase here.

4. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: For those sultry beach waves, spray this on your damp locks before you head to the beach or after swimming in the waves. It will leave your hair nourished and soft, and it smells great. $25. Purchase here.

5. Towelmate Beach Towel: A soft side for your body, a stick resistant side for sand, water resistant pockets for your essentials, and a plush pillow for your head make this towel worth the purchase. $45. Purchase here.

Some other essentials include a wide toothed comb, gum, a great novel, and some healthy snacks to accompany the less healthy side of fries.

Photo Source: Flickr/rezaahmed

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