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If you’re a light sleeper, and are easily disturbed while sleeping, these are a must have for you. Bedphones earphones will sing you to sleep. Forget about counting sheep.

The magic comes from the free music they come with (for download from their website) that is proven to help you fall asleep. You can choose from over 4 different styles. If you prefer, you can listen to your own music also.

The buds then softly play the music in your ear, that slowly dims over time, eventually shutting off after periods of no stirring in bed. It’s that simple.

The earpiece is made with super soft foam with a lightly rubberized coating, and is less than a 1/4 inch thick, so they’re comfortable and stay in place between your ear and the pillow. The cord is made with memory wire that you can wrap around your ear for personalized comfort and staying power.

They come with a nifty travel case that includes a plush eye mask for extra deep sleep.

They’re perfect for long plane rides, hotels in noisy cities, or road trips with the kids. Whenever you find yourself using them, you’re sure to have a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

You can purchase them here. They cost $29.95 and come with a 90 day warranty.

Photo Source: Bedphones

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