Benefit of Hiking Boots Over Tennis Shoes

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Ariat Womens Hiking Boot

Ariat Womens Lite Hiking Boot

It’s not uncommon for hikers to wear a good pair of tennis shoes. In fact, some hikers prefer a pair of ultralight tennis shoes instead of heavier boots, and while most of the time tennis shoes are just fine for day hikes, for serious hikers there are benefits to wearing hiking boots you may want to take into consideration.


Most hiking boots offer extra ankle support and coverage. While it is a matter of personal preference, once they get used to it most hikers prefer the extra ankle support, especially when hiking unstable terrain. Most hiking boots also offer extra-rugged tread which is designed for extra traction on uneven surfaces.


Most hiking boots offer more ankle coverage than tennis shoes. While most of us don’t think of ankles as needing protection, they help protect against thorns, spines, abrasions, snake bites, and other trail hazards. Plus lightweight hiking boots like Ariat Women’s Terrain Lite Hiker provide other benefits like moisture wicking lining to keep feet dry.


Keen Womens Revel Water Proof Hiking Boot

Keen Womens Revel Water Proof Hiking Boot

Waterproof Boots

Speaking of dry feet, some hiking boots have a waterproof bootie sewn into the boot. As long as the water doesn’t go above the ankle where it can leak into the boot from the top, feet stay dry.

Other waterproof hiking boots are equipped with a permeable mesh that lets water in but they don’t stay wet. Tennis shoes on the other hand, once they are wet they become squishy and soggy and can lead to blisters and sore feet.

Take Time to Break In Your Boots

Getting a new pair of hiking boots is exciting, but be sure to take the time to break them in before you wear them for long hikes. Stiffer, heavier hiking boots take a little longer to break in. You don’t want to rush into wearing boots that haven’t been broken in or you may end up with blisters or sore feet that ruin your hiking experience.

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