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Lens kitEveryone loves the convenience of a camera phone. No more saying, “I wish I had a camera!” It’s right there on your phone in your pocket!

But do you want to trust your vacation pics to your iPhone? If you pick up an iPhone lens or two, the answer is yes! 

Photojojo lenses

Photojojo lenes

Accessory Lenses for iPhones

With a set of accessory lenses, your iPhone can easily replace a point-and-shoot camera. While an iPhone can take good snapshots, they do have limitations, like when you’re trying to get an extreme close up or want to zoom in to get a far-away shot.

A variety of lenses can be purchases individually or as a kit. 

Lens 3 in 1 Kit: The 3 in 1 Kit includes three lenses: Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle Lens, and a Macro. This kit is reasonably priced at under $15 and the lenses work on a variety of smartphones including Android devices.

While these lenses work, the mounting system is a peel and stick ring that fits around the lens. When the sticky wears off, mounting doesn’t stick adequately. Since these lenses are so reasonably priced, they do allow for you to “play” with auxiliary lenses for your mobile device. Of the the three lenses, reviewers rave about the macro lens for capturing those up close details. 

The Photojojo Phone Lens Series is similar to the 3 in a Kit, but come with four lenses: Pro quality Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle and Macro cell phone lenses. These are pricier that the kit listed above, but the lenses can also be purchased individually. 

If you are serious about getting a wide-angle lens for your iPhone, the Olloclip is one of the best options. It delivers a clear picture without distortion, however, this one lens costs around $70.

Olloclip Lens

Olloclip lens

Is It Really Convenient

Taking pictures with a cell phone is convenient because we carry them with us everywhere. However, when it comes to additional lenses, that’s another matter. If you have purchased lenses to enhance the quality of your cell phone photos, remember to have them in your pocket or they won’t do you any good. 

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Three lenses for $15? Brilliant! Nifty idea.

  2. I used to dream of having a DSLR camera of my own with a collection of amazing lenses but as time went on and more phones have been produced with decent cameras, I opted to get the phone instead because of its convenience. Glad to know that there are lenses available. I will surely check it out.

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