Carry-On Shame Going Viral

June 17, 2014 by

Overhead Luggage

Thinking of bypassing the new, higher checked baggage fees by fitting what you need into a carry-on? That’s a great idea but there are size restrictions so you need to learn to pack less.

If you decide to try and bypass those size regulations and drag an over-stuffed bag onboard, you may find yourself shamed on social media.

How to Participate in #CarryOnShame

A new social media campaign has been launched to shame and shine a light on airline travelers who take too much carry-on luggage onto the plane.

With fees for checked baggage on the rise, the campaign was stated by Spud Hilton. He’s urging travelers to publish photos of flyers who carry large amounts of baggage onto the plane by using the hashtag #CarryOnShame.

After all, overhead luggage real estate is limited. When someone brings on an over-sized bag, they are taking up someone else’s space.

Carry On

Hilton is a journalist who wants the airlines to crack down on passengers who are breaking the rules, because the people who bring bags that are too big or more bags than the rules permit aboard the plane take up more than their share of the limited overhead space.

This can force other passengers to hunt for a space for their carry-on that’s away from their assigned seat, and in some cases it might mean they have to check it.

Hilton is encouraging travelers to take photos of people carrying what looks like excessive luggage and then naming and shaming them on social media. On his SFGate blog Hilton calls for a smack down on the offenders.

“We’ve all seen them. The passengers at the gate dragging roller luggage that is more the size of a clown car than a carry-on. And of course they have a “personal item,” a bag or case in which you could smuggle a small pony.”

Then he goes on to ask which is the “bigger sin.” The passenger who thinks they are above the rules, or the airline that is not enforcing them. In his effort to bring attention to the issue, he believes he is bringing both into the spotlight of “carry-on shame.”

So if you’re traveling and see someone with over-sized carry-on Hilton asks you to take a picture and to share it on Twitter, Instagram, and the Vine with the hashtag #CarryonShame.

Photo credits: diaryofapregnantcomedian, Sue Waters

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Maybe the rules are enforced more or less in different locations, because my regular airport always weighs bags and you have to unpack your carry-on if it’s over the limit, even if you managed to cram everything into an approved-size bag.

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