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EverpurseEverpurse provides a stylish answer to charging your iPhone while you’re on the go. These stylish leather or fabric clutch bags make a perfect choice while traveling because they eliminate the worry of a low phone battery.

That’s right; this purse charges your iPhone without the need for cords or outlets because the purse itself is charger.

How It Works

Just place your Everpurse on the wireless recharging mat overnight and your purse is ready to keep your iPhone powered up all day. It uses inductive charging that sends energy wirelessly from the mat to the purse eliminating the need for cords and chargers. It makes it possible to charge your phone while on the plane, in the car, or anywhere else making it ideal when traveling.

Once the purse is charged, just store your phone in the special charging pocket inside the purse to keep it charged. It uses a patent-pending docking system that guides your phone onto a dock connector without using a cord and will charge your phone from 0% – 100% approximately two times a day.



The Everpurse comes in a number of styles including leather clutches and fabric clutches, and has a cross-body strap available for an extra $40. The purses are 8.5″ x 7″, colorful, and easily fit inside another bag making it easy to find your phone without digging endlessly through your stuff to find it.

Prices range $189 to $319.

The Everpurse is convenient to use. You won’t need a case or modifications for your phone to work with the Everpurse. It’s as easy as dropping the phone into the pocket and it starts to charge.

If you prefer to use a case, the Everpurse does come with an Everpurse-certified case, or you can use just about any other hard-shell case. The Everpurse works with IPhone 4/4s, IPhone 5/5s, and Glaxy S3/S4.

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