Cocoon Innovations Grid-It Toiletries Pack

May 11, 2012 by

Toiletry bags always seem to be a source of frustration among frequent travelers. What is meant to be a way to contain your most needed products turns into somewhat of a disorganized black hole. Luckily, Cocoon Innovations has come up with a great solution.

The Grid-It Toiletries Pack is an adaptable, affordable alternative to the typical toiletries nightmare. Rubberized, nylon bands cover the surface of this grid, making it easy to fit in anything and everything you need to bring along on your next trip.

The Grid-It versatile organization system is perfect for people that can’t fit their products into pre-determined compartments. You can configure the grid in anyway you’d like, tucking items under the snug bands to form your perfect toiletries bag.

Best of all, items are neatly displayed and visible at all times. The lightweight organizer contains the trademark nylon bands as well as pockets and pouches for cords and smaller accessories.

The best part is, if you love this product, you don’t have to limit its use to just travel. Use the Grid-It system at home to organize a junk drawer, or at work to sleekly store supplies, like pens and Post-It notes. The¬†Cocoon Innovations Grid-It Toiletries Pack sells for around $20 and is available at online retailers worldwide.

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