Condense Pocket Bulk with Cell Phone Wallets

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Phone Wallet

iPhone 4S Card Wallet (red)

Phone wallets are designed to reduce unnecessary pocket bulk by combining two things almost everyone carries: a wallet and cell phone. These wallets protect your phone and are designed to carry credit cards and cash.

However, not all cell phone wallets are created equal. Some are very basic and can carry up to three credit cards, while others, made of elegant leather, are equipped with additional exterior compartments. 

The Swiss Bank Wallet

The Swiss Bank Wallet

  • iPhone 4S Card Wallet (red): The iPhone 4S card wallet is styled with premium leather that’s soft to the touch and comfortable in your pocket. It protects your phone and has room to carry both money and credit cards. It protects your phone from scratches, shocks or damage due to accidental drops, and of course helps keep it clean. This phone wallet is compatible with iPhone 4 models and is only available in red. 
  • The Swiss Bank Wallet for PDA and Smart Phones: This wallet is a little more versatile as it works with the Apple iPhone series, HTC Touch Pro 2, Motorola Droid 2, and more. This versatility makes the Swiss Bank Wallet an ideal choice for the modern professional who needs a phone wallet that can accommodate the ongoing changes brought about by life in the business world. This wallet features a number of convenient slots and holders perfect for stashing cash, credit cards, business cards, and more. 
  • Griffin Elan Passport Wallet for iPhone 4 (black): Griffin’s Elan Passport Wallet is designed to hold an iPhone, with card slots and a cash flap to hold your ID and credit cards. This phone wallet keeps things organized as it separates cash from plastic, plus it protects your iPhone. 

Griffin Elan Passport Wallet

Griffin Elan Passport Wallet

Choose a Wallet that Complements Your Phone

When choosing a cell phone wallet, be sure to look for one that complements your phone. This is more than looks. You need to be sure your phone will fit the wallet.

Not every wallet fits an iPhone and an Android, and for those who carry multiple credit cards, it’s important to check that the wallet can accommodate all the plastic you plan to carry. Lastly, it is important to see how the wallet feels in your pocket. If it is big and bulky, chances are you won’t use it. If that’s the case, you may want to consider a wrist wallet option. 

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