Create Your Own Travel Makeup Kit to Carry Less

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Makeup SamplesWith extra baggage fees, more and more people are learning to carry less when traveling. One way to do this is to create your own travel makeup kit. Let’s face it, by the time you pack your skincare products, hair care, toothpaste, and makeup your beauty kit fits into a small suitcase.

Instead of carrying all the cosmetics you usually use, the following tips will help you learn to condense and still have everything you need. Once you learn to carry less cosmetics, you’ll probably never go back to packing all those full-size products while traveling.

Sample Beauty Products

Sample beauty products are available from a number of resources from in-store sampling to online promotions, as rewards for taking surveys, and sites like that offer cosmetics free samples, free makeup samples, free shampoo, and other everyday beauty items.

Many department stores offer samples at their cosmetic counter, and if you keep your eyes open, you can find sample sizes in the dollar bins at large department stores.

Save these samples for your travel makeup kit. They are smaller and take up less room, but provide all you need while you’re gone. An added bonus is that when you’ve used them up, you toss the packaging in the trash.

UNII Palette

UNII Palette

UNII Palette

The UNII Palette is a magnetic palette that stores a multitude of makeup pans from different brands. This thin organizer makes it possible to carry blushes, powder foundation, shadows and more in one thin organizer that helps get rid of makeup clutter.

It’s also the ideal way to get rid of all that makeup clutter at home!

Carry Multi-Purpose Products

Another way to condense your cosmetics when traveling is to carry products that serve more than one purpose. For instance, carrying a tinted moisturizer works as a moisturizer and foundation color. Cream blushes can double as lip color, and the right colors of eye shadow can also be used as eyeliner. Be creative and you may just learn a new beauty shortcut!

The trick is to learn to pack what you really need and will use while you’re away from home. Any more than that is bulk you don’t need

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Totally agree. I find I generally wear less makeup during the day when traveling, anyway. At night I have a great compact from Sephora that fits in the palm of my hand and includes blush, bronzer, eye shadows and lip colors. It’s my lifesaver away from home!

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