Cross Country Skis for the Water

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Cross country skiers look forward to winter and snow but with the development of the new ABH20 cross water skis they’ll be able to enjoy skiing during the warm weather months, too.

Until now elliptical trainers have helped skiers train year round, but now cross country skiers can train outdoors with the Slovenian designed ABH20 skis.

These skis give Nordic skiers the opportunity to enjoy their sport on the water. In fact, they are called cross-water walking skis and they open the door to a whole new sport. Cross country water skiing!


Cross Water Skiing

The ABH20 “cross-water walking skis” use a technique that mimics the actual cross country skiing leg and arm movements for a full-body workout. These new skis offer an ideal way for skiers to stay in shape until the snow falls, and they also provide a brand to water sport for during the warmer months.

While these skis work the same muscles as Nordic skiing, the skis themselves look much different. From the side they are inches thick and are slightly tapered at the top. The foot fits into a cutout in the top of the ski and is secured.

They work somewhat like paddleboards, but they are said to be designed to remain stable on the water surface so “skiers” won’t flip over once they get the hang of it. A pair of poles are used to help maintain balance and form as skiers move slowly across the water.

While these skis don’t perfectly replicate cross country skiing, the motion is similar enough that it makes an ideal way to train in the off season. The final design of these skis will break down and be easy to fit into your trunk. The disadvantage is that they weight about 23 pounds.

At this time the developer is trying to raise an additional $80,000 to finish development and tooling via indegogo.

Photo credits: AntoncicB

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    I’ve tried paddleboarding but it can be difficult to steer with one paddle. These might be just as fun and perhaps easier to navigate because you can move your feet independently.

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