Cup of Joe, Superleaded: The Belkin Power Inverter

October 16, 2012 by

Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Warning: before you reach for that cup of takeout coffee on your next road trip, make sure it’s actually a cup of takeout coffee. The self-proclaimed overlords at Think Geek have a solution to keep every electronic gadget imaginable fully charged on the road to wherever you’re going, and they do so through a cup-shaped apparatus that looks just like your daily latte from the local coffee shop.

The Coffee Cup Power Inverter, six inches tall and 3.5 in diameter, includes a 200 watt inverter with 2 AC plugs and a USB power port, so even if you’ve got a carful of friends or kids, everyone can plug into their notebooks, iPods, phones and more, using up all the media they’d like without running down their charge as they zoom down the highway under your command.

Providing 120 volts of AC power from any cigarette lighter socket, the charger comes with an 18-inch cord.  It powers up to 3 devices at once, costs $30 and fits into any standard cup holder.  Bottoms up!

Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Photo credits: Think Geek

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  1. Julie C. says:

    Smart! ThinkGeek is great site for fun stuff you don’t see elsewhere, but this is also functional and fits easily in your car cup holder! Good thinking.

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