Dropcam Keeps an Eye on Your House While on Vacation

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While away on vacation, many people ask a neighbor or friend to keep an eye on their house while they are gone. It helps to have them drive buy once a day and to collect your newspaper so they don’t pile up in the driveway. Better yet, give them a key so they can go inside, water your plants and make sure everything is fine.

Along with that faithful neighbor, now we have long-distance capability to watch what is going on from wherever we are.


Keep an eye on home while away.

Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

The Wi-fi-enabled Dropcam provides the opportunity to see what’s going on at home while you’re gone.

This technology sets up a little blue-eyed camera in your home that connects you to home via the Web from your laptop or smartphone. The Dropcam has the ability to record a continuous video and even sends an alert if it picks up a noise.

Easy to Install

If you don’t know your neighbors, and don’t really want to let people know you’re not going to be home, the Dropcam’s cloud-based Wi-fi video monitoring lets you stay connected to your home. Just plug the camera in and it starts streaming in less than a minute.

An additional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) option allows you to access video recordings for up to a month. Even if you do have someone coming in to feed your pets or water your plants, the Dropcam Wi-fi video monitoring service lets you stay connected to your home 24/7. You can even use it to talk to your pets while you’re gone.


Just plug in and you’ll be streaming within a minute.

You don’t need a degree in technology to install the Dropcam. Just plug the camera into an outlet and it is ready to start streaming. It takes about a minute to start working. Choosing the right location probably takes more time. 

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