Eliminate Unpacking and Repacking with Compression Shelves

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Compression Shelves

Some travelers having packing down to a science with everything organized to fit. However, when you arrive at the hotel and need to change into that pair of pants situated at the bottom of the suitcase, it’s not fun unpacking just to have to repack.

Now there’s an answer to that problem. Compression shelves let you pack your items in layers that you can unpack and repack quickly without feeling like you’re reinventing the wheel.

Compression Shelves

The Advantage of Compression Shelves

The advantage of compression shelves is that you can access your all your clothing easily by lifting the packed shelves out as a whole. Just pack your neatly pressed clothes on the 3-tiers which slip into your suitcase and are secured with a compression strap.

This 3-way hanging system is easily removed when you arrive at your hotel and can be hung from the closet rod, from a door handle or any hook.

The shelves are designed to fit into a 20 inch or larger suitcase and make it easy to pack and almost totally eliminates the unpacking and repacking process as we’ve known it to this point.

Just fill the shelves, pack, take them out on your arrival and hang. Then when it’s time to repack, just return the shelves filled with your items into the suitcase.

Compression Shelves

Packing with Compression Shelves

The challenge to packing with compression shelves is that you’ll want to fold your clothing neatly so when you arrive your clothes are relatively wrinkle-free. Other than that, this is one travel gadget that is convenient and easy to use.

It eliminates the need to pack things individually in plastic bags, and in many suitcases, the shelves fit with room to spare for shoes and other bulky items to be packed around the edges.

Compression shelves also work well in RV’s. They take up little room and can be removed from your luggage and easily hung over a door. This is one travel gadget everyone will love.

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