F1 Snooze Pak

June 13, 2012 by

There is nothing relaxing about sitting on a plane for hours at a time. The upright seats with limited leg room, fellow travelers discussing their flight delay woes, poor lighting and mediocre snack options are enough to make a cross-country flight unbearable.

Luckily, Flight001 has developed the F1 Snooze Pak for weary travelers to block out the airplane chaos and catch a few hours of shut-eye while careening through the sky.

The F1 Snooze Pak has what you’ll need to tune out and recharge mid-flight. The neatly assembled pack comes with an eye mask, foam ear plugs, socks, an inflatable neck rest and individually packaged towelettes.

You’ll look like the most prepared traveler in the world whipping out your F1 Snooze Pak on a flight, and quickly become the most envied passenger as well.

Upon awaking and arriving at your destination, repack the items in the reusable pack and tuck them away for your next adventure. With the F1 Snooze Pak, you’ll be more refreshed and relaxed on your flights than you’ve ever been, and you’ll look cool in the process. F1 Snooze Paks sell for $25 on the Flight001 website.

Photo source: Flight001

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