FAA May Relax Ban on Electronic Devices During Takeoff

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According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), airline passengers can expect to keep their tablets, e-readers, smartphones and several other electronic devices turned on during takeoffs and landings.

We’ve been listening to the “turn off” pre-flight announcement for decades because it was believed electromagnetic interference would cause problems with radios and navigation systems onboard the plane.

No Scientific Proof

Up until now, the general rule has been to turn all electronic devices off during takeoffs and landings, but they can be on after the plane reaches about 10,000 feet. The FAA has been adamant about these rules even through there has been no scientific proof that the devices can actually cause interference.

Back in March, the New York Times reported that, “with the advent of new and evolving electronic technology, and because the airlines have not conducted the testing necessary to approve the use of new devices, the FAA is taking a fresh look at the use of personal electronic devices, other than cell phones, on aircraft.”

An advisory board was created in August, 2012 and now the FAA has taken another look at the rules and new FAA recommendations say that some devices could be used the entire flight.


FAA to Suggest Devices to be Used in Airplane Mode

Now the draft released by the FAA’s 28-member panel recommends the current rules regarding electronic device use on planes is in need of a change.

With the deluge of portable devices boarding planes these days, it is almost impossible to make sure every single device is off during takeoffs and landings. In fact, a study conducted in early May showed that about a third of 2012 U.S. fliers accidentally left their phones powered on during a flight.

While the official recommendation may not come until sometime in September, according to the New York Times, it looks like the panel is ready to suggest the FAA allow the use of gadgets as long as they are in “airplane mode,” which means radio signals are turned off during the flight.

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