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Find Eat Drink App

The Find Eat Drink App is free.

Whether you travel on business or pleasure, one thing everyone looks for is a good place to eat. The new Find Eat Drink app makes this easier than ever, putting recommendations of “top tier chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, baristas, pitmasters and food artisans” at your fingertips. 

Different from Other Travel Apps

The Find Eat Drink app stands apart from others because it is based on information from well-known industry insiders.

Profiles of these experts can be read along with their recommendations. It’s like having them on speed dial and makes a handy tool whether you’re looking for place to eat near home or when you travel.

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Pros in the industry have contributed their favorite places to eat around the world, including out-of-the-way unknown spots to fine dining establishments. The app is continually updated and includes places to eat in 120 big cities and small towns.

The information provided will help you know whether or not you want to drive out of the way to eat at that diner advertised along the highway. It covers restaurants, bars, food shops and markets, as well as coffee bars.

Currently it includes 2,100 recommended places to eat from 340 experts, but the app is a work in progress with weekly updates. 

How the App Works

The Find Eat Drink App is easy to use. Users search by category or location and it provides a list or map with results. From that information users narrow their search with additional criteria.

Once you’ve decided on a choice, the app allows you to visit the restaurant’s website and even make a reservation. Once you’ve eaten at one of the recommended establishments, you have the opportunity to input your own rating, too. 

The Find Eat Drink app is free, but if you don’t have a smart phone, they also have a website that provides the same information. 

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  1. Penny W. says:

    Can you search by price ranges too? That would be great. Sounds like a terrific tool to have while on the road.

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