Fitness on the Go

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Fitness on the go. Anywhere. Everywhere.

It can be hard to stick to your routine when traveling. You’re out of the normal swing and keeping a routine can be challenging.

Thanks to the plethora of smart phone apps, keeping a fitness plan in your pocket has never been easier. Fit Fix is one of the newest apps for routines on the go. Take your workout with you, wherever you go. Take it to the gym, to the hotel, or even the local city park.

Fit Fix, developed by PopSugar, has over 20 built in workouts, with new ones added each week. Workouts include yoga and dance routines, running and treadmill workouts, calisthenics, and so much more. No weights needed.

You can even customize you workouts to combine your favorite routines. Try a run followed by a deeply relaxing yoga routine.

Need motivation? You can even schedule workouts that sync with your calendar so you’ll receive an alert when it’s time to sweat.

The best part…this new app is free! Visit iTunes app store and download Fit Fix now and keep your fitness routine going, no matter where life takes you. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Photo Source: Flickr/Hotel de la Paix

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