Flip, Flop, Fold: Travel Shoes for the Girl on the Go

January 25, 2013 by

Flipsters Flip Flops

Ask any style-forward woman what the toughest part of packing is (aside from the tedious nature of the act in and of itself), and almost anyone will answer, “shoes.”

Packing a few extra outfits to give us a wide range of options is all fine and good, but for those of us who plan entire ensembles around our footwear, variety may be the spice of life, but it’s also the stuff of overpacked bags and extra baggage fees if we don’t plan carefully.

Flipsters Flats

That’s where the clever folks of Flipsters come in; with an endless array of color selections in both flip-flops and ballet flats, all of which are foldable, the question of what to bring is answered without the usual headache.

Flipster sandals (i.e., flip flops with an ankle strap, $24.95) are available in nine colors spanning both brights and neutrals, while ballet flats ($29.95) come in four, including a best-selling white shoe with a patent black cap-toe.  All are sold with handy little carrying cases roughly the size of an iPhone.

Flipsters Selections

Oh, and stiletto enthusiasts, there’s something for you, too: the brand also offers an ingenious stiletto strap ($12.95) for those quick dashes through the airport and long walks back to the hotel.

As for the waterproof, machine-washable collection itself, the uber-affordable, equally comfy and cute travel-friendly shoes are a godsend for the girl on the go.

Flipsters Promo Shot


Photo credits: Flipsters

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