From Mason Jar to Travel Mug: Introducing The Cuppow!

January 17, 2013 by


For Southerners, craft-happy Pinterest enthusiasts and hipsters alike, the mason jar is a staple of everything from bathroom accents (think toothbrush and makeup pencil holders) to wedding decor (think vases and hanging candle displays).

But for those on the go, it can now also be a travel mug, thanks to an inventive little creation brought to us from the folks at a brand called Cuppow!


Retrofitting a simple plastic travel mug top to a regular- or wide-mouthed Ball or Kerr jar, Cuppow! offers an even cheaper alternative to the other heat-resistant, BPA-free travel mugs on the market.

While you can’t exactly saunter onto a plane with one of these in hand, it’s a sweet, economical — and, in some cases, uber-eco-friendly (if you already have the jar) way to stay hydrated during a road trip or while using public transport or traveling by foot in whatever destination you’re visiting.

An upcyclist’s dream come true, these clever inventions cost only $7.99. ┬áDrink up!



Photo credits: Cuppow!

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  1. Julie C. says:

    I suppose the lid is a good idea if one must insist on drinking from a JAR. Seriously, who can’t just grab a glass?

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