Gifts For A Traveler: LUSH Solid Shampoo Bar

December 11, 2012 by

Add this to your holiday shopping list and watch your friend and family’s faces light up when they see LUSH solid shampoo in their stockings. Perfect for a traveler, these solid shampoos solve the TSA liquid regulation problem while also offering up a compact, eco-friendly way to wash your locks while on the go.

Each LUSH solid shampoo works in a different way to clean and tame even the most unruly locks, just as liquid shampoo does. Natural ingredients like moss seaweed, cinnamon, clove, mint oil and more make up these fun shampoo bars.

The bars smell good, look good, and will last about 50 washes, so you can use this bar during a backpacking trip to Europe, or on your next few weekend getaways.

Choose the LUSH solid shampoo bar that meets your needs and experience the different a solid shampoo bar can make while you travel. LUSH makes shampoo bars for those with thinning, color treated, oily, dull, dry and normal hair types.

LUSH solid shampoo bars retail for $9.95-$11.95 and are available on the LUSH website.

Photo source: LUSH USA

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  1. Penny W. says:

    Interesting! I may have to test drive one of these before my next trip! Cool idea.

  2. Joquena says:

    These look awesome. Isn’t it funny how we’re backtracking in time and rediscovering old things?

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