Great Gadget: i’m Watch

August 23, 2012 by

Made in Italy, the i’m Watch claims to be the first, real smartphone watch. Judging by the website and the photos, we’re likely to agree. This watch is sleek and user-friendly, mimicking the smartphone features we have come to not only love, but depend on each day.

The i’m Watch connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology, delivering calls, text messages, emails, notifications, music, pictures and any other apps that you have on your phone.

Not only is the concept and technology impressive, but so is the design. A curvedHD touchscreen allows users to quickly access any information they desire. The watch also comes in seven different colors for the standard watch, and is also available in Silver and Gold for a more sophisticated look. The i’m Tech Watch collection features watches with Magnesium, Titanium and Carbonium options for the uber-geek.

Those with Androids will most likely have the easiest switch over to the i’m Watch, as it uses the Android operating system. The open systems is ever-evolving, allowing for customization, new functions and a never-ending supply of apps.

The i’m watch seems to be the perfect solution for someone that is on-the-go and wants the world wrapped around their wrist. The standard i’m Watch retails for $349-$449, but the i’m Jewel Watch, complete with diamonds and white gold, can set you back a cool $19k.

Photo source: i’m Watch

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