Great Gadget: Zipbuds

July 29, 2012 by

The ZipBuds website calls their product “your new best bud,” and we’re likely to agree with this sentiment. These tangle-free, high-quality headphones literally zip up, eliminating the tangled headphone cords that ultimately result in frustration and a demonstration of knot-untangling skills before each use.

ZipBuds “vertebrae” zipper design allows for maximum flexibility with use. They’ve also used military-grade Aramid and Maeden tinsel technology in the cables to ensure durability as well.

Through all of the modifications, ZipBuds also made sure that the sound quality of the headphones is top-notch, so base notes and high notes are not compromised for form.

The ZipBuds earphones are available in many colors with a starting price of $19.99. The earphones are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and most other electronic devices.

Eliminate tangled cords and decrease frustration levels with the Zipbuds’ Patented Zipper Integrated Cabling, and look good while doing it.

Photo source: ZipBuds

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    These are really interesting! I especially see the usefulness of it when it comes to storage. The wires are ALWAYS tangled when you pull them out of a drawer, without fail. A quick zip would be great.

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