Hiking and Picnic Necessity

June 11, 2013 by

wine glassThe GSI Outdoors Stainless Nesting Wine Glass is perfect for wine lovers and perfect for any setting. Take them backpacking, picnicking, hiking, to the beach, on vacation, or wherever your travels take you.

They’re made with high-grade stainless steel and can withstand a beating in your luggage or on the trail. The base, which is plastic, screws off and snaps into the rim for easy storage and protection.

They’re durable and the base is made with slip resistant material, so you won’t spill your Cabernet.

At just 4.7 oz, they’re light enough to go anywhere.

You can purchase your wine glasses for just $13.95 each from GSI Outdoors.

Other similar products include the Glacier Stemless Wine Glass and the Nesting Wine Glass. All are available from GSI Outdoors.

Photo Source: GSI Outdoors

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