How to Carry All Those Cables when Traveling

August 24, 2013 by

Wall Plug

While all our electronics make life easier and entertaining, trying to pack cameras, phones, tablets, and computers, along with multiple chargers and cables can become a challenge.

No hotel room has enough outlets to charge all these devices, but before we discuss that problem, let’s look at how to keep your cables organized.

Gear Ties

Secure Cables Before Packing

To avoid a rat’s-nest of cables and wires, roll up each individual cable and secure it with a Gear Tie. Gear Ties are better than zip ties or Velcro fasteners that lose their grip after enough use.

Gear Tips are made of bendable wire coated in a durable soft rubber that work best because they are reusable. Gear ties can also be secured around the end of the cable even while it’s being used making it easy to find when the time comes to pack up to go home. Just twist it into place.

Wall Charger

You can downsize all the gear you have to pack by buying a wall charger that charges multiple devices at a time instead of packing chargers for every device.

For example, the i-Sound 4 USB Wall works with an iPad, iPhone, smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras and most USB powered devices. It just plugs into a standard outlet and lets you charge 4 devices at one time, which also eliminates the outlet dilemma in the hotel room.

Pack in a Clear Pouch

Pack your cables and other electronics paraphernalia in a clear pouch. This makes it easier to spot exactly what you need instead of digging around letting your fingers try to locate the cable you need.


Retractable USB Sync Charger Cable

One last gadget that may help keep things organized is a retractable USB sync charger cable. This gadget eliminates the need for most cables. It’s compact, and easy to carry with no worries about tangling cables.

Taking time to organize and downsize your electronics before you pack will make life on the road much easier.

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