How to Travel Wrinkle Free

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Packed suitcase

Rolling clothes can help keep them wrinkle free.

Learning how to travel wrinkle free isn’t as difficult as you may think. It helps to buy clothing that doesn’t wrinkle easily, but how you pack also makes a difference.

What to Pack

Before we look at the specifics, let’s start with this one basic rule: Don’t over pack. This can be a challenge for some of us, because it’s so easy to pack more than we need. However, packing too much into your suitcase is a sure way to crumple clothing.

Choose clothing that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Knits travel well, and clothes that stretch, such as stretch denim jeans, are ideal. Choose non-iron and wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

Knits and stretch fabrics are best.

Knits and stretch fabrics resist wrinkles.

How to Pack

Pack heavier, non-clothing items in their own bag, or in what is the bottom of the suitcase when it is standing. This includes hair, skin, and other personal products.

If you must carry your personal items in the suitcase with your clothing, be sure to pack them in a secured plastic bag or travel bag. This not only helps prevents problems, if your shampoo accidentally leaks, the plastic also reduces friction which can result in wrinkles.

Roll T-shirts and Jeans: One secret to keeping the wrinkles out of your suitcase is in the way you pack your clothes. Rolling your t-shirts and jeans instead of folding, helps reduce wrinkles, plus it saves space in your suitcase. Once you have your clothes rolled, use them to fill in space in your suitcase like it’s a puzzle.

Fold Button-Down Shirts and Blouses: While t-shirts travel well rolled, button-down shirts and blouses should be folded carefully. Remember, a careless fold will most often lead to a wrinkled shirt. Place each shirt and blouse in a large zip-lock baggie.

Pair and Roll Socks: Pair and roll your socks before packing and use them to fill in gaps and spaces to prevent items in your suitcase from shuffling around.

How to Fit It Together

Now that you know what to bring and how to prepare it for the suitcase, here’s a quick list of how to place it in the suitcase for the best wrinkle-free results:

  • Pack folded items in plastic bags at the center of the suitcase.
  • Pack rolled clothes using them to fit around folded clothing.
  • Add rolled socks to fill in any remaining spaces.
  • Always pack heaviest items at the bottom of suitcase (bottom when standing)

If you pack your shoes in the same suitcase as your clothes, situate them to be on the bottom of the suitcase when it is standing, otherwise, they will crush and wrinkle your clothes.

wrinkle resistant shirt

Cabela’s makes wrinkle-resistant 100% cotton shirts.

When all Else Fails – Steam

Even the most careful packing won’t guarantee zero wrinkles. If you arrive at your destination and find the dress you want to wear to dinner is creased, hang it on the shower rod and run a hot shower with the bathroom door closed. As the room fills with steam, it releases the wrinkles.

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    I find it helps to make a list of the clothes you’ll wear each day, especially if you change for the evening. Sometimes I take photos of the outfits before leaving, with shoes and accessories so I know exactly what to wear, and don’t over-pack.

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