Hydro-Photon SteriPEN Water Purifier

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Worldwide travelers often share similar concerns about water quality throughout developing nations. The hazards of drinking unclean water are well known, and most travelers are keen to avoid sipping anything that doesn’t come out of a sealed bottle.

But for those travelers that don’t have access to bottled water, or want an easy way to purify water while on the go, the SteriPEN family of products offers up a great solution. Using the power of ultraviolet light.

The portable, lightweight Hydro-Photon SteriPEN Water Purifier safely removes bacteria and viruses from water in seconds with the power of UV technology. There are several models available depending on traveler needs, but all are affordable and easy to use.

The Classic SteriPEN remains one of the company’s bestsellers, working on four AA batteries that will purify 200 half-liters of water before needing to be replaced.

This product is perfect for worldwide travelers, hikers, campers and backpackers that won’t always have easy access to fresh, clean water. Treating water is the only way that travelers can protect themselves from contaminated water sources.

The SteriPEN could be a lifesaver in some cases, and is definitely worth sticking in your backpack before leaving for a trip.

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