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May 17, 2012 by

Wine enthusiasts often encounter a dilemma when traveling: how to carry wine back home without the bottle breaking. Idea Mia has come up with a formidable solution with the creation of the Jet Bag.

This protective sleeve for bottles safely secures your vino in a checked bag, eliminating the worry that you’ll arrive home to find your entire travel wardrobe soaked in Pinot.

The Jet Bag utilizes technology found in baby diapers. That’s right, baby diapers. This bio-degradable wine bag protects your wine bottle, and in the off chance that the bottle should break, absorbs 100% of the liquid so that the rest of your suitcase isn’t affected by the spilled wine. The Jet Bag can be used again and again, making it an affordable alternative to shipping your wine home.

Another great part about the wine bag is that you can use it for other liquids, as well. Shampoo bottles, perfumes, lotions and other items are all safely contained within the Jet Bag during travel.

Better yet, Jet Bag is a family business born from a creative idea, so by purchasing this product, you’re helping support a small business set on changing the way wine gets from destination to destination.

Photo source: Jet Bag website

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