Is There a Way Around Carry-on Size Restrictions?

October 16, 2014 by

Carry On Must Fit

In this day of global travel, baggage fees have led to passengers packing more into their carry-ons and their one “personal item” which includes a purse, briefcase, laptop or other such item.

Now airlines have started clamping down on the size of those bags, too. The problem is that each airline has their own set of restrictions, and while a recent survey of UK air passengers showed that 82 percent of travelers would like all the airlines to have the same restrictions when it comes to cabin bag allowances, that is not the case.

On some airlines, size restrictions apply to both carry-ons and your personal item. Both items must be able to fit into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Even with these restrictions, some passengers have found ways to carry more onto the plane without getting charged for it.

Carry On

Wear your bulkiest clothing.

Wear Your Most Voluminous Clothing

Some clothing is bulkier and takes up valuable space in your bag. To free up valuable space in your carry-on wear your bulky clothing.

One tactic is to wear layers of clothing, so you can pack less clothing and to make more room for other essentials. Another benefit of doing this is that you won’t need to pay for blanket.

Carry an Extra Bag

For those who like to gamble, some people carry an extra personal bag in hopes no one will say anything at the gate. For instance, such a person may have their carry-on, a laptop, and a large purse.

While this used to be standard practice, today, such a tactic may result in being forced to check one of your items for a fee.

Before you head to the airport, it’s important to know the specific regulations for your airline to be sure you aren’t greeted with a nasty surprise at the gate when boarding. Bag sizers are available in the airport lobby. Take advantage of them so you’re not caught off guard at the gate and forced to pay an extra fee.

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  1. Julie C. says:

    If you were to buy a carry on that worked to every airline’s specifications, you’d end up with something barely bigger than a standard purse! I have a 21 inch bag that seems to work on most flights but there are some that want 19 or 20 inches. How many shoes do you think I can fit in that? Too small.

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