Jet Blue Mint Passengers Enjoy First Class Perks

November 24, 2014 by

Jet Blue Mint

Up until recently, Jet Blue has been a single class flying option. Now, with their recent addition of a premium Mint Cabin section, they invite passengers to fly new premium class.

Mint cabins feature the longest and widest flatbed seats offered on domestic flights with five rows situated at the front of the plane. For now, mint cabins are only available on flights from New York to LA and New York and San Francisco.

Jet Blue Mint

Privacy and Comfort

The seating in the Mint Cabin section is designed to lie flat. Four of the rows are suites and include seats with a massage feature, adjustable firmness settings, and a door which can close the suite off for total privacy.

Premium Mint Amenities

Among the amenities available, premium mint passengers enjoy a selection of snacks available at the snack bar at the front of the coach section and a meal menu that offers three to five choices.

Along with that, passengers are served a signature cocktail when they board, and when disembarking they are handed a free amenities kit including shampoos, lotions, hand wipes, and other handy items needed when traveling.

Jet Blue Mint

Other Premium Perks

Along with the above extras, premium mint passengers enjoy tangible perks that make flying more convenient.

  • Faster Check In: Mint passengers have access to a dedicated Mint queue which offers expedited check-ins
  • Speed-Thru Security: Getting through the screening process is made easier with the Mint experience by providing access to the quickest possible security lane and gets you to the gate faster.
  • Early Boarding: The Mint experience let’s passengers enjoy the chance to be among the first to board the aircraft if they prefer.
  • Free Fly-Fi: The Mint experience makes it possible to surf the web while in the air using Jet Blue’s complimentary Fly-Fi service.
  • Nonstop Entertainment: Jet Blue Mint Cabins are equipped with new 15″ interactive video screens to enjoy the inflight entertainment menu which includes up to 100 channels from DirecTV, SiriusXM Radio and access to Fly-Fi.
  • First Bag to Carousel: Mint benefits follow you off the plane, too, by making it possible to be one of the first to collect your bags at the carousel with preferred baggage claim.

Jet Blue’s Mint experience offers true premium comfort, privacy, and perks. Hopefully, it’s a service that will be extended to other flights in the future.

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  1. Julie C. says:

    Sounds great! Too bad the runs are limited to those few cities. Jet Blue seems to be treating people like people and hopefully it will pay off.

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