Kick® Luggage by Micro

June 29, 2011 by

Bored with dragging your hand luggage and yourself through the airport? Micro luggage is designed for the frequent flyer who needs to move quickly and effortlessly. Instead of pulling your luggage, how about riding on it to the gate? Micro luggage is a specially designed Samsonite case with a built-in Micro scooter allowing you to move quickly and easily. When folded, it fits in standard size overhead bins. When you are done scooting, the scooter folds up turning it into conventional wheeled luggage. The handlebar also retracts for carrying or placing in the overhead bin.

Available through Kickboard.

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  1. Hi, there!! I bought a new micro luggage which fits comfortably I ride a scooter or bike. I think that micro luggage is best thing for a bike rider.

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