Luggage to Play With: A Whole New Concept

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When it comes to terminology that describes luggage, boring isn’t one that often comes to mind. But when you think about it, it is a word that describes most of the suitcases rolling through airports and train stations.

The designers of Playluggage have set out to change that. What did they come up with? Luggage that is actually entertaining with surfaces that double as game boards for games including backgammon, Chinese checkers, chess, poker, and Parcheesi.

And while the design is fun, it remains practical, too.


Designs Kids Will Enjoy

Along with suitcases that double as game boards, others offer surfaces which you can draw on with erasable markers. It’s perfect for kids to draw or doodle while waiting at the gate, or you can create your own unique (but temporary) design.

Another suitcase is equipped with a surface compatible with Lego-style blocks. It not only offers entertainment to keep children focused and little hands busy, it also helps keep their activity centralized and easy to clean up when it is time to move on.


Playluggage Game Boards Suitcases

Playluggage game board suitcases work the same way for grownups and older kids. They offer a great way to pass time while you have to wait.

Plus, the game pieces included with many of the board designs are magnetic and allow you to leave the game in progress as you move to the next spot to wait a little longer.

Practical, Simple, but Unique

Playluggage is simple, safe, and practical and offers other interesting designs that will make your suitcase easy to spot on the baggage carousel. Designers consider it a lifestyle luggage that’s active and yet practical, saying it doesn’t have “a single unnecessary detail.”

Zippers are designed so they don’t break or get stuck, the light aluminum frame is designed with a rubber seal, and the telescoping handle makes the suitcase easy to maneuver through busy airports for people of varying heights. Basic yes, but crafted with quality.

While Playluggage is practical and simple in design, the designers didn’t stop here. They thought about how much time suitcases are stored away in your garage or attic, sitting unused for most of the year.

Playluggage suitcases serve a purpose all the time! Along with being practical and simple, these suitcases are fun!

Photo credits: Playluggage

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