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Ostrich Pillow

Travel can mess with your sleep schedule. Noise, distractions, and bright lights can make it almost impossible to sleep while on a long trip. The Ostrich Pillow offers a solution to all those problems by essentially turning your head into a pillow.

Ostrich Pillow

It’s a Head Pillow, Ear Plugs, and Sleep Mask Rolled Into One

Think of the Ostrich Pillow as a head pillow. It has an opening for the mouth and nose and holes on the sides where you can tuck your hands if you use a table top as a headrest. It does make you look a bit like an alien escaped from Area 51, but it does the job.

It’s marketed as the “perfect companion to nap anywhere” because it’s designed to help you disconnect from all the distractions around you so you can sleep.

All you have to do is slip the Ostrich Pillow over your head to create a quiet, comfortable micro environment that encourages sleep whether you’re on a train, waiting at the airport, or on a plane.

The soft interior cradles your head (and hands if you want) and lets you sleep in comfort. This unique pillow started as a prototype and looks kind of like a crazy concept, but it works. It started as a kickstarter project and surpassed the financial goals, and it is now a reality.

Ostrich Pillow

Better than a Travel Pillow

Travel pillows help support your neck when you try sleeping sitting up in the airport, on the plane, or even in a car, but the Ostrich Pillow does that and more. The Ostrich Pillow fits over the entire head and offers comfortable support, and also muffles noises and blocks out light.

While you might worry about how ridiculous it looks, remember no one can see your face. Not only that, it’s better than showing your face to everyone while your mouth hangs open with drool running down your chin.

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  1. Julie C. says:

    That might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! The lengths people will go to these days to avoid contact with others is alarming.

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