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Accessory OrganizerPacking has always been a challenge, but today’s traveler has a new element to tangle with. Or should we say untangle?

With all the electronics that go with us whether traveling for business or pleasure these days, the cords, chargers, and all the other technology we need can create a tangled nest.

You can sidestep this mess with the accessories travel case from BUMB which lets you organize your electronics accessories when you pack and to keep them that way while you’re on your trip.

Accessory Organizer

BUBM Universal Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Case

The BUBM universal cable organizer and electronics accessories case is made of heavy-duty, durable, waterproof nylon. This case offers an easy, effective way to organize all those cords and cables as well as items like flash drives and other accessories.

Its convenient 8.3″ x 6.3″ size makes it easy to fit into your luggage, large purse, or backpack. In fact, some people use them to keep baby items or cosmetics organized when traveling because the case’s convenient size.

It is designed to hold items in place with 12 elastic loops devised to hold cables, flash discs and other electronic accessories. It also has six easy-access mesh pockets which expand to store bulkier items like multiple sizes of USP drives and has one zipper mesh pocket for a 2.5″ hard drive.

As a bonus, the case comes with 3 pieces of DAMAI reusable fastening Velcro cable ties with microfiber.

Accessory Organizer

Use It as a Checklist

This case can be used as an organizational tool and travel checklist. Before you leave for home, just open the case and check if everything is in its place. As a backup, make a list on one of your electronic devices to double check you have everything and don’t accidentally leave one of your electronic essentials behind.

One of the main benefits of this organizational accessory is that it is flexible and yet large enough to carry most of your accessories from cables to adapters, chargers, memory cards, batteries, and just about anything else you’ll need to stay connected while traveling all while maximizing your packing space.

And for parents it can also serve as an organizational accessory for small cars and other toys or baby care items. This case is a good way to make sure you have everything before you leave for home and help you arrive at your destination tangle free.

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