Orishiki is a wheeling case

November 29, 2010 by

Orishiki is a wheeling case with a hard, faceted shell. Sleek, functional, and anonymous, the exterior allows it to pass through the hubbub of global cities while protecting and concealing the interior: a sculpturally personalized, soft layer of exquisitely patterned silk.

At home or in a hotel room, you open Orishiki by unfolding a continuous surface onto which specific clothes and other necessities are affixed and organized to create a rich and textured modular wall tapestry. When your stay is over, you don’t “pack,” but simply fold up the wall tapestry and your vessel is ready for the voyage.

Conceptually, Orishiki is about transporting a slice of home to an alien environment: superimposing familiarity onto foreignness.

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