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AViiQ Slim Travel Adapter

Many travel adapters are bulky and inconvenient to pack. In contrast, a compact, light travel adapter is an ideal accessory. However, when visiting multiple countries on a single trip, be sure to check country compatibility so you’re not disappointed upon arrival.

You’ll find a number of slim travel adapters available. When making your selection, choose one that is compatible with your device(s) and that will work in the countries you plan to visit.

AViiQ Slim Travel Adapter

The AViiQ Slim Travel Adapter is a slim folding outlet adapter. It takes care of your power needs with a single conversion from US 110V (Type B) to UK 240V (Type G).

To use, just open the adapter and plug into a standard UK type G outlet. When not in use it folds flat, making it easy to store when traveling, and it fits conveniently into your laptop bag.


IBattz offers three compact adapters that fold up for easy transportation and are compatible with outlets in over 150 countries. (India and South Africa are a couple of the major exceptions.)

These adapters are equipped with a USB and a standard port that lets you charge two devices at the same time. When you plug the adapter in, a blue light lets you know it is working.

HP Slim Travel Adapter

HP Slim Travel Adapter

HP BT798AA Notebook 90W Slim Adapter

This is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) accessory that offers a USB charging port and comes with a convenient travel case that isn’t available with the original equipment.

This slim adapter is 40% thinner than the standard adapter and fits alongside your notebook in the same carrying case. HP also makes a slim travel power adapter that works with any Smart-pin notebook from HP or Compaq.

While some prefer to use a universal adapter when traveling, the bulky size makes it inconvenient to carry with you.

Choosing a slim travel adapter model runs the risk of not working in every country you visit, so be sure to do your homework. Ensure the slim adapter you purchase will work at your destination, and you’ll enjoy all the power you need and a convenient size.

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