Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Hip Pack

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Who said fanny packs were out? The Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Hip Pack is bringing the fanny pack back with this sleek and stylish hip pack.

Perfect for backpacking, hiking, day trips, walking tours and basically anywhere that you don’t want to carry a bag, the Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Hip Pack safely and securely stores your small belongings while on-the-go. This bag is lightweight, features a breathable mesh back, and is loaded with tons of security features that make this pack a must have.

The Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Hip Pack is all about comfort, convenience and keeping your goods safe while traveling. Specially designed eXomesh® splashguards (lightweight yet super durable wire mesh) fortifies the bag, making it impossible for bag slashers to cut the bag and empty out the contents.

The zippers also fasten to concealed clips, so pick pockets and thieves can’t simply unzip the bag. There is also a RFID-reader-blocking pocket for credit cards and passport so that those tech-friendly thieves can’t gain access to personal information embedded on microchips.

As if that wasn’t enough, this bag also comes with a keyed padlock and zipper security so that you don’t have to have the bag on you at all times for it to secure your belongings. Simply lock the bag, and then padlock it to a secure place in your hotel room or rental car so that it can’t be stolen.

Pacsafe truly thought of everything with this bag. Grab the Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Hip Pack from the REI website for $49.95 before embarking on your next trip.

Photo source: REI

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