Personal Vacation Photographer a Growing Trend

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A vacation photographer allows everyone to be in the photos.

How many times have you taken beautiful snapshots of your vacation but when you get home you realize you are rarely in a photo? To remedy this, some people are turning to a personal vacation photographer to capture the trip with everyone included in the photos.

Vacation Photographer

Professional Photographers Aren’t Just for the Famous Anymore

Turning to a nearby stranger and asking if they would mind snapping a photo can provide a photo with everyone, but they are often rushed, ill-posed, and even awkward.

Having a professional photographer lined up for your vacation photos is an ideal way to capture those special moments as they happen. Such candid photos provide memories of “real” moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Vacation PhotographerFinding a Vacation Photographer

The idea of a vacation photographer is still relatively new. Nicole Smith of Victoria, Canada, launched Flytographer in March. Her inspiration for the new venture came about when she and a friend went on to trip to Paris and an acquaintance took photos of them.

It was so special, she thought, “I’d pay for this!” Now she wants to offer that service to others.

For another Canadian-based business, Personal Vacation Photographer, you pay all the photographer’s expenses including flights, accommodations, cab fares, etc., and a daily photographer fee of $800 which covers a 10-hour shooting day, which can be broken up over days or events if you like.

Tricia & Co. is a premiere family vacation photographer that has appeared on Good Morning America, MSNBC Travel, Travel on Today, Business Insider and more. They have years of experience and are pros at capturing outdoor fun with photos that catch your group’s personality against scenic backdrops.

Similar to Wedding Photos

If it all seems a bit unnatural to think of having someone come along to take vacation photos, think of it more like a special event such as a wedding. It’s so nice to have someone else taking the photos. You get professional photos that capture the moment. The pictures you get in return are a priceless treasure.

Photo credits: PhotopediaPhotos, cyanocorax, jasonippolito

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  1. Penny W. says:

    I personally think this is so egotistical! Go and enjoy your vacation; the photos are just a reminder and not the whole point of your trip just so you have something to show off on your Facebook profile. Come on, people. You’re all becoming so vain.

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