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Sherpa Pet Carrier

Sherpa Pet Carrier

If you plan to include your pet in your travel plan and you’re flying, the first thing you should do is check the pet policies of the airline you’ll be flying on. Today, many airlines accept dogs and cats, but the services they offer differ.

In most cases, you’ll have to check your beloved pet as baggage. It is important to know if your pet will be required to travel in the cargo hold, or if you’ll be able to bring it onboard in a carrier that can fit under the seat. Carriers do more than contain your pet. The right carrier will be designed to protect them.

Pet Travel Carriers

The type of carrier you choose will have to meet rules for approved types of containers based on whether they will be flying in-cabin or as cargo.

In Cabin Travel Carriers

On some airlines, flights that last less than 10 hours allow small cats, dogs, and birds to fly in the passenger cabin, but only allow one pet per passenger with a maximum of two pets on a given flight. The carrier used to house your pet must fit under the seat in front of you and be constructed with a waterproof bottom.

The Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier comes with a shoulder strap, is lightweight, and conforms with commercial airline carry-on specifications.

Pet Carrier

Pet Gear I-GO2 Plus Traveler Rolling Backpack Carrier

Carriers for Pets Traveling as Cargo

Whether your pet is traveling as cargo or as checked baggage they will be stowed in a special area of the cargo area of the plane that is pressurized and temperature controlled.

Temperatures are still colder in winter months and the airline may request documentation that certifies your pet is acclimated to temperatures lower than 45 degrees. Summer temps can also affect your pet’s travel. Domestic airlines follow the “Summer Heat Embargo” which does not allow pets to fly as cargo if tarmac temperatures are above 84 degrees.

The Pet Gear’s I-GO2 Plus Traveler Rolling Backpack Carrier is suitable for cats and dogs up to 25 pounds and designed to keep your pet comfortable in the cargo hold. It features a fleece pad for your pet’s comfort and comes with a tether that can be attached to your pets harness for extra safety. A telescoping handle works just like a suitcase as you make your way through the airport.

Precision Pet Cargo Kennel

Precision Pet Cargo Kennel for large dogs.

For large dogs, carriers like the Precision Pet Cargo Kennel is made of high-impact plastic that’s durable, safe, and comfortable for your pet. It has windows with E-coated wire on all four sides for ventilation and a spring-locking latch door.

When choosing a carrier for your pet, be sure that it is suitable for their size. After all, they’ll be in it for hours in a strange environment. It’s important to keep them as comfortable as possible to reduce stress.

Think of it this way. Would you want to sit in an airline seat too small for you for the entire trip? They are counting on you to make the best choice for them.

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