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March 14, 2013 by

The Werner Portable Solar Charger is a great accessory for any traveler traveling “off the grid.” Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail, rafting the Grand Canyon, or backpacking across Europe, this device will keep your phone, iPod, GPS, camera and other electronic devices charged up and ready for action.

That can be handy when your tent didn’t come with a power outlet.

The charger has 4 Polycrystalline solar panels. It’s 11”x 6”, foldable case fits easily into most backpacks or gear bags, and at 1lb 8oz, it won’t weigh you down.

It comes with a retractable cord with an adaptor that can charge up to 5 devices at once. It also has straps that make it easy to attach to almost anything; strap it to your backpack, around a tree, on top of your kayak or car.

As long as it’s in a sunny spot, it’ll generate energy. It’s even water resistant, a feature that competes with many other models.

The Werner Portable Solar Charger is offered in 3 different strengths: The Standard, 2.25w; The Top, 4.5W; and The Pro, 6.75W. Their prices, respectively, are $180, $270, and $340. The price is well worth it to prevent missing priceless moments.

Purchase the solar charger on the Werner website.

Image Source: Werner

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  1. Julie C. says:

    That is very cool for hiking or other long distance exploring! Price is high but worth it when you have no other power sources for miles! Innovative product.

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