Power-up with Brunton’s Portable Generator

March 14, 2014 by


Just because you planned a vacation to commune with nature, it doesn’t mean you want to be completely off the grid. Luckily for those who travel beyond the threshold of easily accessible electrical outlets, there’s the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor to help you keep some of your creature comforts.

Here’s how it works: the portable device combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity. The process may sound a little sci-fi, but the generator is capable of charging any USB device in nearly any weather condition (making it great for outdoor enthusiasts).

Just lock a hydrogen core into the generator and it will begin charging. Each hydrogen core is equal to 30+ AA batteries, which the company says is equal to the power it takes to charge an iPhone fully six times. The reactor can be used to power anything with a USB port, including smartphones, tablet computers, portable game consoles, GPS devices, rechargeable lights and UV water purifiers.

The Brunton Hydrogen Reactor is extremely portable, measuring 13.5 x 7.3 x 3.4 cm, and comes in black, orange or yellow. The device retails for $170 and includes two hydrogen cores (sold separately for $19.99 each) and can be purchased online.

photo credit: Brunton

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