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It happens all the time—you go on vacation, take loads of photos, then come home and do nothing with them. Instead of relegating them to live on your smartphone or digital camera forever (or until, worst-case scenario, it dies, taking all your happy vacation memories with it), you know you should have some of them printed.

Printic lets you do just that, and from your smartphone, no less.

Here’s how it works: You choose your pictures, crop them, and select your recipients (either yourself, or friends and family you want to share the photos with—you can even send photos to those back home while you’re still on vacation). You can also add a message to the photos. Within 3 days, your photos will arrive in the mail ready for framing.

Printic uses a nostalgic Polaroid-style format, which is great for snapshots taken with a phone. If you’re looking to blow up a photo poster-size (or any other size that’s not in a square Polaroid format) to hang on the wall, you’ll still need to head to a photo lab or have them printed and shipped via an online site (such as Snapfish or Shutterfly).

Printic operates on both Apple and Android platforms, and lets you choose photos from your smartphone, Facebook and Instagram. The app is free and each print costs $.99 with a 3 print minimum for each order. Shipping is free.

photo credit: Printic

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