Pros and Cons of Campervans

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Ford Transit

Today, the world of recreational vehicles can be confusing for someone entering the RV lifestyle or even for those with camping experience who are looking for a different type of motorhome.

While die-hard non campers won’t usually consider tent camping, and aren’t ready to make a commitment to a caravan, there is an in-between option. These motorhomes are built using a cargo or camper van as the base and are called camper or conversion vans.

Camper Van

Benefits of Campervans

The campervan is a middle-of-the-road option and is perfect for planned and spontaneous trips because everything can stay in the van so it is always set up for your next trip.

These campervans are good option as long as your family isn’t big and can all sleep in the same vehicle, and they are more secure than tents because they have doors that lock.

As the smallest of the three classes of motorhomes, they get the best gas mileage compared with other motorhomes, and they can actually fit in your garage. Plus its size makes it a vehicle that can double as a full-time family vehicle

2014 Ford Transit

Cons of Campervans

On the downside, if you aren’t planning to use the campervan regularly it can turn into an expensive and underused property that sits in your garage¬†waiting for your next trip. Plus, because they are the smallest of the motorhomes they offer limited amenities.

While a number of options are available, most models typically feature a small kitchen, seating area (living room) and a bathroom. Everything is small, and usually they are equipped to accommodate between 2-4 people. Bathrooms generally are equipped with a small shower and a toilet often called a wet bath.

A campervan works as a link between the world of camping and everyday life. They can be used everyday, and if you keep your campervan clean and stocked between trips, it really cuts down on packing because you’ll be set to go.

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