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May 8, 2013 by

EGO_largeIt’s hard to describe the feeling you get skiing in powder, or skydiving from a plane. It’s much easier to relive it through video and pictures. Now, you can share the adrenaline rush from all your adventures with one small device: the Liquid Image Ego.

Sound like you need to it? You do.

The Liquid Image Ego + Wifi (model 727) was created to meet the wants and needs of adrenaline junkies. This mountable camera takes still photos, as well as live video, and sends them live, via WiFi, to any Android or IOS platforms with the free downloadable app.

That means mom can watch you scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef from the dry comforts of her own home.

The camera records 1080P HD video and 12.0 MP stills. It has a wide angle lens and capability for continuous photo to capture every splash of water around your face underneath a waterfall.

The Lithium Ion battery captures up to 2 hours of recordings and is rechargeable via USB cord.

While the 727 is water resistant, the waterproof housing (model 750) provides protection up to 130ft.

The Liquid Image Ego comes in 5 color options and  includes the USB cord, protective face cover, flat mount, and extra adhesive foam pads. In addition, you can purchase waterproof housing, scuba kits, mountain bike mounts, body mounts and a variety of other accessories.

It will cost you $200, plus accessories, but the memories will last forever. You can purchase the Liquid Image Ego on their website.

Image Source: Liquid Image

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