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Whether you’re backpacking around the world or setting off on a weekend adventure, all travelers have the same problem: a finite amount of suitcase space. That’s why we love products that can pull double duty, like this REI Flash Pack.

An extra bag is always great to have on the road, whether you’re hitting the trails, heading to the beach, or exploring street markets. But totes can be flimsy and hard to keep secure in crowded areas, while daypacks can be bulky and awkward to fit in your luggage.

The Flash Pack answers these problems with its clever lightweight design.

The Flash Pack features a drawcord top to help keep your gear secure, along with an interior zippered pocket. The bag also includes twin daisy chains on the front of the bag for attaching items, two buckled harnesses to ensure a good fit, and a removable back panel that doubles as a sit pad, great features for hikers.

But where the Flash Pack really shines is its ability to double as a stuff sack. For the non-campers out there, a stuff sack is exactly what it sounds like: a bag you can stuff and compress a whole lot of clothing into. Just turn the bag inside out and start packing it full of socks, underwear, or even t-shirts and pants.

For larger items like shirts and pants, we recommend rolling them first to help shove more in the bag, and so you don’t unpack them at your destination a horrible wrinkly mess.

The stuff sack function of the bag is great for when you just have too much stuff to fit in your bag, or for keeping dirty laundry separate from clean as your trip marches on.

The Flash Pack comes in a variety of colors and retails for $34.50 at REI.

photo credit: REI

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